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by Charlotte Berney

Essentially, the book explores Hawaiian spirituality and practice from a lay point of view. It is designed for the person who has no prior knowledge of Hawaiian Mysticism and Huna, while providing an overview for those who are already students of metaphysics.

The book begins with the Hawaiian Experience, exploring the concepts that permeate Hawaiian Mysticism. Basic concepts are followed by practices, with extensive information on the three selves, vital life force, prayer, changing basic assumptions, releasing harmful patterns, forgiveness, rites, and the Silence. The reader is guided through the work.

The Huna for Everyday section includes Abundance, Altars, Amulets, Color, Healing, Manifesting, Possession, Reconnecting with the Earth, Stress Reduction, Weight Changes, and much more.

Also included are Resources, an Appendix, a Glossary of Hawaiian terms, and a detailed Bibliography.

Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism is available in print and e-book versions from amazon.com and other booksellers.

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