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Mysticism as defined by Webster is "seeking to solve the mysteries of existence by internal illumination." The mystic goes beyond the externals of life to seek the truth within.

All truth is one, and whatever path you take to discover it can be good. The legacy of the Hawaiians, in my view, rates as special. Aloha, a Hawaiian gift to the world, translates as love, mercy, kindness, compassion and goodwill. Hawaiian thought embraces the importance of balance, the wisdom of dualities, the extended family, life-saving forgiveness, sacredness and prayer, the impact of words, and closeness to the land.

Hawaiian Mysticism as presented here and in my book derives from multiple sources. I was privileged to study for a number of years with an apprentice of David Kaonohiokala Bray (1889-1968), a Hawaiian kahuna who trained students in California in the 1960s. My main teachers were Josephine and Jack Gray; others were Abraham Kawai'i, Morrnah Simeona, Pali Jae Lee, Koko Willis, Laura Kealoha Yardley, John Bainbridge, Allan P. Lewis, David M. Bray, and many members of Huna Research.

Mystery surrounds the legacy of Max Freedom Long (1890-1971), who synthesized his ideas about Hawaiian spirituality with modern psychology and called it Huna, meaning "secret." He developed a system involving the three selves, vital life force, prayer, the silence, eliminating blocks, forgiveness, breath, and ritual. My first teachers, the Grays, taught a similar system modified by their own studies with Clark Wilkerson.

Practitioners find this system to be brilliant. It brings together the best of both worlds, giving you tools to solve life's most pressing problems. I use these tools on a daily basis. Knowing how to use effective prayer methods, channel energy, and improve relationships and health, makes your life flow more smoothly. You will realize your goals more quickly. Practitioners are never at a loss, as there is always something you can do.

A caution. This work requires understanding, then practice. The work goes deep and is rarely a quick fix. Those who embrace it, do the work and stay with it will be rewarded with inner strength and boundless freedom.

Let's begin!

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