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Recognizing Resistance

What is resistance? In our terms, it is essentially a conflict between the Middle and Basic Selves. Your Middle Self thinks some form of action is a good idea while your Basic Self disagrees.

How do you recognize it? Fatigue and tiredness are the most telling symptoms. If you find yourself feeling too tired to do something, when there is no physical reason for it, suspect resistance.

Naturally, if you feel fatigued a lot, you should consult your doctor to find out if there's an underlying physical condition. We are not referring here to debilitating fatigue but to occasional tiredness related to specific thoughts and actions.

For example, you have an unpleasant job to do. You put it off because every time you think of it, you feel tired. Finally, you force yourself to marshal your energy and do the task. Or maybe you just put it off forever.

Another example, your friend proposes a trip. You don't really want to go but think you should. Every time you and the friend discuss it, a feeling of lethargy comes over you. The friend is enthusiastic. You are not but keep trying to tell yourself (tell your Basic Self) it will be all right. The Basic Self is not convinced.

What's the danger in this? Other than never getting the task accomplished or taking the trip, there could be more serious consequences. If you insist on proceeding with an action your Basic Self is resisting, you could fall ill. This is the Basic Self's last-ditch attempt to prevent you from proceeding.

The illness could be as mild as a cold but could be more dire. So it's important to recognize resistance when it occurs so you can deal with it in communication between the Selves. In that way you can resolve it or maybe come up with a compromise.

How do you do this? The first step is to be aware of what your body is telling you. Note patterns. If every time you think of something you might do in the future, you feel overcome by tiredness, this is the Basic Self speaking.

Go into the Silence, a form of meditation in which you can still consciously communicate with the Selves. Ask your Basic Self if there's a problem. You might get an enthusiastic Yes! Ask if it is with the trip, the job, or whatever you suspect. Go into neutral and wait for an answer. You are likely to get an "earful", not a conscious voice but an inner voice that speaks to you.

After the meditation, contemplate your options. If the action is important, write down all the reasons it must be done, and then read them to the Basic Self. Ask for the Basic Self's cooperation. If the action is something you can successfully avoid, consider deferring to the Basic Self's wishes.

Ask for your High Self's help in reconciling the needs of the Middle and Basic Selves. Ask that your actions be in alignment with your highest good and the highest good of all. Thank your Basic Self and High Self.

Prayer: May I proceed with life in a balanced way that nurtures my Basic Self and satisfies my Middle Self's needs. May there be cooperation between my Selves and the Great Company of High Selves. May my actions serve my highest good and the highest good of all.

Amama. Ua noa. The prayer is freed.

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