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Finding Authenticity

A recent question led me to consider authenticity in the work of Hawaiian Mysticism: does one need certification to teach and practice?

Look around the web, and you'll see hundreds of sites and instructors offering courses and workshops, some with certification. For a sincere seeker, this can be daunting.

Hawaiian Mysticism and Huna present a special challenge. With a hybrid system based partly on Hawaiian thought and partly on western psychology, questions inevitably arise. How much is authentically Hawaiian? What does it mean to be a kahuna in today's world? Which kumu (teacher) should I choose?

You can easily get caught up in discussions of Hawaiian/non-Hawaiian, authentic/non-authentic, traditional/non-traditional. These are primarily concerns of the mind.

My answer to the question of authenticity is: go with your own experience. Practicing Huna is about what works, and no one knows that better than you.

Explore the possibilities and always note how you feel when perusing a website or reading an article. Does it ring true for you? Put the ideas into practice and ask yourself: does this enhance my life? My happiness? Do I feel energized? Positive? Or not.

When you practice Huna and become adept at communicating with your Three Selves, you have a sure way to evaluate new knowledge. You can ask your High Self for guidance and your Basic Self for feelings. If these are positive, you know you're on the right path.

Students sometimes want the satisfaction of going through a lengthy course and receiving acknowledgment in the form of certification. This is a normal human urge, to pursue a goal, complete it, and have it recognized. This can be worthwhile.

Keep in mind that the ultimate certification is you, moving through the world day by day, creating balance, peace, beauty and harmony.

With sincere aloha, Mahina

Huna Prayer for Authenticity:

Dearest High Self and Great Company of High Selves, please help me to connect with the teachers, knowledge, and companions who will assist me in realizing my highest good and the highest good of others. Help me to grow in the light.

Amama. Ua noa. The prayer is freed.

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