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Moonbeam 11

Guard Your Mana!

It is challenging at any time to gather and preserve that vital life force we call mana. This mana, also known as energy, chi, and prana, powers the Universe and ourselves, physically and spiritually. How much we hold on a daily basis determines the quality of our existence.

During this time of covid, many report a lack of energy. This is understandable, while dealing with the sudden deaths of those around us, our own fear of death, the loss of support and livelihood, and the many changes to our lives. Yet, a lack of sufficient mana can bring on illness and depression. A lack of surplus mana prevents us from realizing our hopes and dreams.

We need to remind ourselves what builds our supply of mana, what enhances it, and what drains it. Your physical body needs healthy foods, enough rest, exercise, and a safe environment to maintain basic mana. Mentally, a positive outlook and positive speaking build mana.

Drugs deplete mana. So do negative people. Take care to stay away from those who drain your mana. Watch what you watch and become aware of which media exhausts your mana supply.

To build your mana, spend time in the Silence, a relaxed meditative state in which you are aware of everything around you. A short session of slow, deep breathing once a day is helpful. No matter how busy you are, find a few minutes for these.

In these fraught times, monitor your emotions. Pay attention to whatever generates feelings of anger, hopelessness, peace, and joy.

The best cure for depleted mana is time in nature. Whether in a back yard, a park, or a forest, connect with the natural resources around you and spend more time there. Pay more attention to the birds, the creatures in your yard, and your animal friends. Follow the phases of the moon and note the changes in each season.

Finally, make a list of things you enjoy and do them. You need to reinforce to your Basic Self that life can contain fun, lightness and passion despite the world situation.

To help with this and to honor the spring season, focus on the Hawaiian goddess/god Laka, who is associated with fertility, love, beauty, the Hula, the forest, and luxuriant vegetation. A beautiful chant to Laka, from Unwritten Literature of Hawaii by Nathaniel B. Emerson:

E Laka E

O goddess Laka
O wildwood bouquet, 0 Laka
O Laka, queen of the voice
O Laka, giver of gifts
O Laka, giver of bounty
O Laka, giver of all things

I greet you with love

E Laka, e
Pupu we'uwe'u e, e Laka e
E Laka i ka leo
E Laka i ka loa'a
E Laka i ka waiwai
E Laka i na mea a pau

Ano ai ke aloha e

With fond aloha,
May you have abundant mana,

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