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Moonbeam 12

Replacement Thoughts

So many of us now report having anxious thoughts that interfere with sleep, well-being, and enjoyment of life. The background drumbeat of dire news on climate change, covid, and politics causes a mountain of worry. When this combines with personal difficulties, we are overwhelmed. How to cope?

Replacement thoughts take the place of worrying thoughts. They are statements of fact that describe something positive. They are different from affirmations, which are generally aspirational. Replacement thoughts rather state a reality in one's life. They can describe the mundane, or the general. They are your personal truths and remind your Basic Self of the good around you.

I slept well last night. The morning light is beautiful. I have plenty of water for a shower. What sweet strawberries. So many wildflowers along the road. I hear birdsong. My knees feel good today. These shoes are sturdy and good for walking. I like this shirt. The sun feels good on my back. This car still runs well. I have a mate who cheers me and loves me.

Continue replacement thoughts like that throughout the day, noting what is good and positive in your life. You are not being a Pollyanna (an excessively cheerful or optimistic person), because you state simple facts. You live in the moment as you describe your positive experiences instead of spending your thought power on worry.

Of course, many of your day to day experiences will not be pleasant, positive or uplifting. Life is problem solving. We have challenges every hour of the day. Better to reserve your mana for those than dissipate it with worry. Positive thoughts build your mana.

With abundant mana at your disposal, you can act. Replacing your thoughts does not mean you do nothing to change the world. The way out of depression and anxiety has always been through direct action. Whether you volunteer for a cause you support or simply write an email to an authority, when you act, you initiate change. Sending thoughts of love, healing, comfort and strength also counts as action.

Replacement thinking takes practice so begin immediately. Whenever anxiety hijacks your thoughts, begin replacing them. It is the loving way, after all, to help your family, friends, co-workers, country, planet, and yourself!

Dearest High Self, Guides, Guardians and Aumakua,
Please support my desire to replace thoughts of worry, fear and anxiety with statements of positivity. May I walk with you in a shower of mana, strong and uplifted, for my well-being and the welfare of others.

Amama, ua noa. The prayer is freed.

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