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Huna Finding

You misplaced your keys. Or wallet. Or an important paper. Or your glasses. What to do? Huna Finding can help. First of all, calm down. Losing an item is frustrating, and in order to employ Huna Finding, you need to go into a meditative state. Sit quietly and take several slow, deep breaths. Ask your Basic Self and High Self for help in finding the lost object, and tell them how important it is to you. When you feel sufficiently calm, stand and hold out both arms, palms up.

Ask (if you aren’t sure), “Is it in this house?” Listen for an inner voice to answer. If yes, go to the threshold of a room and ask, “Is it in this room?” and listen. Go room by room until you get a yes. Sometimes your palms will tingle at yes. Walk to the center of the room and, with palms extended, ask that you be guided to the object. Let your body take the lead.

If your answer is that the item is not in the house, ask your Basic Self to give you a mental image of where it is. Explain to both Selves how important it is to you and how much you need it back. Then, visualize the item flying back to you on wings. See yourself smiling as you are reunited with it.

The way this works is that your Basic Self’s body memory knows where the item was misplaced. You ask the Basic Self to retrieve the memory and guide you to it. The High Self is present to assure all is in your highest good. There may be significant reasons why the object was lost, and at times it will not be in your best interests to find it. It is also important to look at the message a lost object is sending you. [I give a more detailed description of this process in Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism, pp. 155-158].

I have personally had many successes over the years with this process. Recently, I lost an important file in my house (and yes, I had conflicted emotional feelings around the subject of this file!). I looked for it about a week before doing Huna finding. I got a “yes” for a room which I thought I’d searched thoroughly. When I let my body guide me, I felt myself drop to my knees. In front of me was a low cabinet where I kept mailing envelopes. I opened it and found my file jumbled inadvertently among the envelopes, which I had accessed the week before. This was not a logical place for the file to be and it never occurred to my thinking mind to look there!

In another incident, I lost a hanging parking permit that I carried in my purse. It could not be duplicated and I would have to pay hundreds to purchase a new one. I could not get an image of where I’d lost it but pictured it flying back to me on wings. After a few days, my company informed me someone had mailed it back to them from a city 40 miles away that I had visited. I could only assume the permit had fallen out of my purse. I was very grateful for what seemed like a miracle.

When you find a lost object, thank your Basic and High Selves and compliment your Basic Self on its wonderful memory.

If a friend asks you to help find an item, one that was lost when you were not present, ask the High Self and the Great Company of High Selves to assist you. Ask for an image of where it is and to be guided to the object. If you are adept at using the pendulum or dousing rods, these often can do the job quite well.

Remember that with Huna, there is always something you can do.

Prayer of thanks: My dear Basic Self, thank you for revealing to me my lost object, and for returning it to me. Thank you, my High Self, for always considering my Highest Good.

With sincere gratitude and love,

Amama, ua noa. The prayer is freed.


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